Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Resolution

My Resolution this year is to write more. Not necessarily more in content, but more often. I figure that the amount of content will work itself out, but I have become acutely aware of day to day things that I do not want to forget. Since I can never find my journal when I need it, I have chosen this venue to capture those memories. Now I don't really expect to get "read" and I don't really care about that. If I do, so be it. I know that what I put out on the "web" can be read by anyone, but I don't really have any desire to write anything that couldn't BE read by anyone. I know that some teachers won't post anything on the internet for fear that it will somehow lead to dismissal from their jobs, but I think that common sense can save you from a lot of trouble there. First, it's kinda stupid to write something on the internet that you don't want someone to read. Second, keep you identity from your students. It's not that hard!

Anyway, I am mostly interested in getting down the mundane daily stuff, kinda like my grandmother did. It's nice to have the reference.

Today was cold and mostly sunny, but snow is supposed to move in tomorrow. Yes, this is the kind of stuff I mean when I say "mundane, daily stuff".