Friday, March 3, 2006

STRESSED...! I always get that way when packing for a trip. That's how I am tonight. No one is complying with what I am telling them to do. The house is getting turned upside down trying to find last minute things we want to take. I can't find any of my CD's that I want to take because the kids always take them out of MY cd player to play their own and leave mine laying around to get scratched and lost. Where is that car charger for the cell phone?!?! No I want that up front in the car with me! Where is my tripod?!?! Someone just asked me where their headphones are. Oh gosh I need the socks that are still in the dryer, no the suitcase is NOT ready to go out. Put that cat back outside! UGH!

I need sleep. I need peace.

Tomorrow, I will walk out the door, leaving my house in chaos for me to come home to, for a 12 hour road trip. San Antonio. I have never been to Texas. I have always wanted to see it. I am biting my tongue to keep from screaming that I don't want to go. I hate the craziness, but this is a trip that I have wanted to make for so long. I made this trip happen. I want to put on my Sarah Groves CD and watch the prarie go past my window. I want to see a longhorn, bluebonnets, even armadillos and tarantulas. I can't wait. I don't want to just see Texas, I want to live it.

Till then, I am being told about another problem from first one and then another of my wonderful family. I must put out all the fires and find solutions to all the dilemmas. Lord, please help me survive the preparation.

Imagine what it must have been like moving kit and kaboodle across the country by wagon and having to plan for everything along the way. No CD's to listen to or DVD players in the wagon to entertain the kids, no cell phones to call loved ones that you may never see again....I have it made!