Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stop the insanity-please!!!

I try not to get into politics on here, but this post is definately political. This is MY blog and MY opinion. If you don't agree, you may leave.

I recieved a newsletter from our State Senator yesterday. I voted for her, I know her personally, I like her, I do believe she is the last person in a political office that is NOT a politician. She is a nurse and deeply cares for her constituents. But this is NOT a comment on her or her time in office. I just want to give a point of reference to my beliefs without mentioning parties and such.

In this newsletter, she tells about all the good things that were accomplished during this last session (that ended in June I believe). One of the things was that the state of Tennessee passed a law banning protesters from funerals.

Okay, I'm really sorry, I know this HAS been going on lately, but WHO the heck protests a funeral???? What kind of sick, stupid, sorry, SOB, would do such a thing? And why the heck should we have to have another law (using taxpayers money to pay for the time and paperwork to get the thing passed, on the books, and enforced) to tell them it's wrong????

*Joy steps down and smooths her feathers, sighs deeply and moves on*

My husband is a dyed-in-the-wool "x". I usually vote that way myself. But my views are more aligned, no pretty well completely aligned, with a smaller, less known party that never wins. I vote for "x" party as the least objectionable choice that CAN win. I believe that the government should run our military and other such infrastructure and stay the heck out of people's lives. There are things I believe should be illegal, but for the most part, I feel the government has no right to dictate how we should live or raise our children. If Billy Jack wants to drive without a seatbelt and has a wreck that throws him from the car...he should darn well have the right to do so. Should the car companies be required to put seatbelts in cars??? Most definately.

But here's the rub. You always have those stupid, ignorant, idiots with no common sense that have to be told how to act. Society used to do that. Those people were shunned, preached at, and basically controlled by those around them through social pressure. We can't do that anymore. It is politically incorrect to do so. So now we have more and more intrusion by the government in order to keep the idiots in check. Knock, knock, HELLO! Anybody home? IT'S NOT WORKING!!!

The point is that the governments hand in everything removes our freedoms. If society is not allowed to repress the immoral minority while they are a minority, then it spreads. If no one thinks it's wrong, they will join in on the bad behavior.
The government steps in, but they don't really change the mentality of the situation. The scenario worsens, so the government passes more laws and more and more.... Before long you have a society of immoral, criminally minded, who no longer provide for themselves, demand handouts as their "right", and those who ARE still sane wondering how long before their own rights are violated in order to protect the nutcases.

Every day our government grows bigger and more intrusive. Yes they give an awful lot to the "poor"( I won't get started on that one, I'm sure you know where I stand on welfare at this point) but in return they take away freedoms. Some things seem good, but it's like letting a crook get his foot in the door. He just keeps pushing and pushing to come in farther and farther.

If the government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take it all away.

More insanities: Public education and truancy laws. The NEA completely owns the political process on this one. I asked my senator friend about it and she said the issue I am about to address comes up every year and never makes it out of committee because the party in control is "owned" (my word not hers) by the TEA. Does it not make sense that if they would give vouchers, or completely privatize the education system, that competition would make or break schools? Is it not common sense that this would eliminate the bad schools because everyone would flock to the good schools with their money? Of course! The problem (as far as the TEA/NEA is that you would also have all the children being religiously indoctrinated as those of us who disagree with the humanistic/atheistic world veiw would flock to the religious schools of our choice. I'm sure Muslim and Jewish families would do the same. Hmmm. What kind of difference would our children make to society when they are grown if they were allowed to learn, if not Godly, at least moral principles? Would a majority with judeo-christian ethics emerge? Most likely. Of course kids will still make their own choices about things, but I certainly think schools would go back to the way they were before prayer and corporal punishment were taken out. Discipline problems would go way down. Oh I could go on and on with this.

Now, not only does the government take my money to pay for schools that I don't want to send my kids to, but they take me to court at my expense if the kids miss more than 5 unexcused days per semester. I feel so sorry for parents whose kids skip school on a regular basis. I have two in public school becuase I can't afford private schools, and two in homeschool. I do not take my kids to the doctor everytime they have a cold, so the two in public school usually do end up with a few unexcused absences. This is strictly a money issue since the school district gets funding for each child in attendance each day. I don't advocate my kids missing school, but this is a ridiculous law and is one very big reason why I have Mommy dates (those of you who know me, know what this is). It's my way of blowing rasberries at public education. As a homeschooler, I am required to log 180 days per year of school (with a certain number of hours on these days, but I can't remember how much). This in itself is stupid because I consider LIFE itself to be an education and it doesn't take near as long to teach 1 or 2 children as it does to teach 20. *Joy shakes her head in disbelief* When will the insanity stop?