Friday, February 2, 2007

Better than diamonds!

It even looks a bit like a diamond doesn't it?

To put this into perspective, I have to tell you that we are a one income family of 7. There is not any real breathing room in our budget. I have been doing outdoor photography and selling stock photos for about 6 months to try to get my business rolling. My hope was to add equipment as my business grew. But the downside of doing outdoor photography is that when winter sets in, the biz dries up. I dreamed of having my own studio someday, but you know how you tend to temper dreams when the reality doesn't seem to be fleshing those dreams out.

Well, my husband worked an entire weekend during the holidays for a "bonus". We never were even for sure that this "bonus" would materialize or how much it would be. The powers-that-be in the company he works for, tend to "forget" about things like that. Hubby had been dreaming about a new computer that he, as a programmer, is really in desperate need for. The one he has is terribly outdated and slow for his needs. He estimated that he needed around $1500 to build his own system and was really hoping to put his "bonus" toward that. Again, we had no idea how much...or how little...the bonus would be.

I tried to talk him into waiting a little while longer and using whatever money it would be to help pay down debts. But I couldn't argue that he is pretty desperate to upgrade. So I agreed that he should use it for that.

Well, the bonus came today. It was about what we expected, but after taxes, it was going to be tight.

Hubby came home for lunch, kissed me, handed me a box and said "Happy Anniversary". Our anniversary was 2 weeks ago and we had agreed not to get each other anything because of the money situation. Inside the box was the first of a set of studio lights! He bought the whole set-up for me! Two lights, stands, and umbrellas! My daughter told me he had been planning this for weeks, but telling me he was going to get the computer.

I couldn't believe it! I couldn't say anything. I just started to cry. My husband sacrificed the computer he needs for MY dream! He believes in me more than I do myself. And I don't think he could have told me he loves me better if he had bought me diamonds!

Once again, My Love, you have so well illustrated the love of Christ to me. Thank you so much for believing in me and my dreams. I love you, honey!
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