Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Administration and a Bit of Irony

I have been working on cleaning up my blog this morning. The last time I changed my template, I lost everything. I lost my blogroll, I lost my daily scripture, I lost my blogring code...all gone and needing to be fixed. Well, I've barely had time to post anything in the last few months, much less do the much needed administration and maintanance that has been needed.

So I am slowly working on adding things back. Bear with me while I am under construction. I want to do a bit of HTML work on this eventually. It's not hard to do. I just find it tedious and boring.

Now for the Irony. I am a photographer, who absolutely HATES to be photographed. I tell people all the time to see the beauty in themselves and I can't even do it myself. Stupid? Yes, I know.