Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trying to Summarize

I sit here staring at the blank post screen. I want to fill it with something, but I'm not sure what. It's not that I don't have anything to write about. It's that there's SO MUCH to write about. Where do I begin? What do I include? There is no way I'm gonna get it all down. Life has been so full!

Thank You, Lord for this full, blessed life.

Thank You for family, my husband, 5 children and a son-in law, my mother, a sister and brothers and their families, and dear cousins who are still so loving and caring even though I don't keep in touch with them very well.

Thank You for friends, Fifi, Beckster, Tina, Sarah, Jean-Luc, and the ones I miss so much.

Thank You for health-other than my itchy eye and Ryan's retarded toe, we are all in good health.

Thank You for rain that we hadn't seen in over a month and was beautiful when it finally came yesterday.

Thank You for cooler weather and a hint of autumn and the holidays to come.

Thank You for all the teenagers we have had in the house lately-they keep me young!

Thank You for a cozy, welcoming home that you gave us instead of a show house that I wanted so bad, but that no one would have felt comfortable in.

Thank You for songs that You use to speak to me and I don't mean that like the way my crazy aunt use to hear messages in Christmas music she played in July (She did get better though and ended up being a great correspondant with me when my children were young.)

Thank You for providing for me to finish school and for preparing a job for me when I am done so I can pay back those loans.

Thank You for great professors who have taught me so much this year-so far it has been the best school year ever. I feel that I have learned more this year than I ever have in a single school year in college. Please help me from becoming overwhelmed and getting panicky over all that I have to do.

Thank You for allowing me to leave work so I can focus on school and even though it is tight, you have provided.

Thank You, for long drives to and from school that allow me some time to focus on You..along with the road of course.

Thank You for safely returning those 33 miners in Chili and for giving the one the opportunity to really think about what he has done to his wife. I can't imagine that he could escape death like that without reconsidering the mistress thing. Maybe they won't get back together (she may just want to ditch him altogether after the way that played out.), but I am sure that he has had to do some soul searching about it.

Thank You for my butterfly garden that brought me so much joy this summer.

Thank You for the car You helped us buy last year. It's a great one!

Thank You for not forgetting my loved one that questions you and for speaking to his soul. I know You will not fail him. You are forever faithful.

Thank You for the love of a good man and for using him to show me You.

Thank You for my cat that loves me so much she can't stand not to be in my lap as I type this.

I will stop now, but I want to also thank You for having a sense of humor to put up with me;) Love you, Jesus!