Monday, April 3, 2006

As With All Things Chapter 1

(This is a story I am in the process of writing. I am posting it here in hopes of some feedback and with the understanding that I have so few visitors to this blog that it is most likely safe here. I am fearful of copywrite infringement so I won't be posting more than a little at a time. I want it to be like a bedtime story, but for grown ups. I don't have alot of time to write so be patient with me for the next chapter.)

As with all things, it had a beginning. And this began long ago, in a kingdom so distant that no one who goes there ever returns. It had a king with great powers and a house of princes. The princes all served the king in ways that pleased him except one.

The one had found favor in the eyes of the king and through the use of his powers the king had given him great beauty and a voice that sounded of sweet music. The king gave this prince authority so that only the king himself and the king’s own son who ruled at his side were above him. The prince’s name was Lucien.

But the authority given to Lucien had gone to his head. He began to see himself as a greater ruler because with that authority had come power over man. As his ego grew, so did his resentment for the king and his son and he began to spew venom over the other princes to cause strife in the house.

The king saw the rebellion grow in the heart of his favored prince and his heart broke. He said nothing, but waited, knowing the day would come when Lucien would rise against him. Lucien had no power over him, but had become arrogant with greed and lust for the throne. The king could crush him with a single blow, but had no desire to harm the one who had brought him so much joy.

The day finally came. The entire kingdom was divided and Lucien had persuaded an entire third to follow him. The king listened as Lucien screamed accusations of weakness and carelessness at him. The other princes shouted in agreement while those that favored the king begged release to strike them down. With one word the king wiped them all out of his court and into the wilderness. Guards were posted around the castle so that those cast out could not return. The king sent orders to Lucien and the exiled princes that they were free to roam the earth. They were given the power of the air, but beyond this, they would never again enjoy the king’s favor nor the luxuries they once had. A season was given them to roam and do as they pleased, but when the season was over…judgment would be passed.

The king in his great power established a city just outside his castle walls. He ruled the city justly and the city flourished. The people of the city loved the king and served him wholeheartedly. In return, they were given everything they needed. There was no want. For hundreds of years the people had prosperity, health and immortality. This incensed the anger in Lucien. The people of the city now enjoyed what he was promised to lose at the end of the allotted time-life.

Lucien plotted to take control over the kings city and to build himself an army comprised of the king’s own subjects. In order to do this he knew he would have to turn the hearts of the people away from the king.

Disguised as people from different stations within the city, Lucien and his followers crept in. Lucien knew that with time, they would be accepted as citizens and allowed to roam freely through the streets, welcomed into homes, and respected as community leaders. Time was all they needed.