Thursday, August 24, 2006


My heart cries out
But words I am without
Of something so vast
My mind cannot grasp

The depth of love
The sky above
No time
No space
No rhyme
No way to embrace

The enormity
The profundity
My God is He
Resides in ME!
How can this be?

Before you I stand
Lifting up my hands
Nothing between
Yet still unseen

My God
My Lord
My Savior

Close my eyes
Ever near
His whispered sigh
I can hear

Warm embrace
So full of grace
His arms around me
His glory astounds me

Taken in rapture
For a moment captured
Open my eyes I don’t dare
Bated breath in silent prayer

A voice on the gentle breeze
Tells me that He sees.

©2006 Joy E. Meade