Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Writing for an audience of one

I recieved an e-mail from a man the other day encouraging me to let go of my belief in such things as God and sin, and just enjoy life. I am not in the least bit convinced to do so, but my response to his e-mail has surprised me. First I was a bit saddened for this man. Of course I am praying that God will reveal Himself to him like He has me. I know that it is quite easy to deny something that you can't see or feel. But what this man doesn't understand is that you CAN see and feel God. No you don't see a physical presence, it's more of the things He shows you in your own mind and thoughts. This can be explained away or denied. But to FEEL Him...there is no denying that. Anyone can deny God, most would say they know about Him, but few KNOW Him. He has to reveal himself to you. He says that if we earnestly seek Him, we will find Him. To this man, I would like to say:

Thank you so much for your concern for me. I don't say this to be patronizing or facitious. I seriously appreciated your e-mail. But please understand that I don't have a blind faith bourne from stuff my parents taught me, nor from a need to explain an afterlife (although I can't imagine life without that hope). My faith is quite simply based on the reality of God. No not everyone has experience that. Even to some Christians it is a foriegn concept. But I guarantee you that NO ONE who has ever experienced that reality can deny Him. It isn't something I can explain other than "I felt His presence". There just aren't words to describe it. But it isn't an experience one would EVER forget. It also isn't something I expect you to understand, or believe. It's not my job to convince you otherwise. If you want to know what I am talking about, it's something you will have to seek for yourself. It defies logic. It sounds like foolishness. But God knew His ways would be foolishness to man from the beginning and even told us so in His word.

No you can't believe everything that comes your way. But there is an innate understanding of right and wrong in each of us called our "conscience". The Bible says these things are written on man's heart. We are also told that we will know His voice.

I believe the path you have chosen to honestly be the easier path. Again, I don't want you to think I am in any way trying to belittle you. I know through this format you can't see how truly touched I was that you cared enough to write and that you did so without an attack. I hope you will see that I am trying to show you the same respect. I merely want to state why I believe and perhaps challenge you to look a little deeper. Look into the claims of Christ for yourself. You may find some truth there that you didn't know existed.

Jesus said He is the only way to the Father (God). There is no other religious figure that makes that claim. At the very least, consider that if you die and are wrong, where will you be? But if I die and I am wrong, where will I be? It is too much at stake not to err on the safe side. My faith is so much more than that, but in the most simple, base form-if I didn't understand or know anything else about God-that would be reason enough for me.

As for my party affiliation. I firmly believe that any party is easily capable of the hatred you spoke of. I affiliate myself with the Republican party out of a sincere desire to save unborn, innocent children. My true political beliefs lie on more of a Libertarian platform. I am not rich-(ha!)by NO means am I, so the stereotype of a Republican comes nowhere near me. I don't believe that the Republican Party is based on hate, but I do believe that POLITICS are. I don't believe any party truly addresses the issues anymore because they are too busy trying to make the other look bad. I do believe in checking out the candidates voting records and asking LOTS of questions in order to find the right candidate to vote for. I have learned that not all Republican candidates actually stand on the Republican platform and the same holds true for Democrats. I also believe that the majority of this country bases their vote on what the press tells them and do not really know or understand the issues, or the consequences of a "what will you do for me" vote that is so often given. I think that most people don't want to have to make the hard choices for the country's good because they don't want to be inconvenienced in the here and now. And I think our country is moving toward it's own extinction. Unless a candidate comes along who will move past all the bickering amongst the parties and is willing to take a stand-FOR OUR COUNTRY-in the face of the world and the press, we will not survive.

All that said, I do see your point. I acknowledge you ability to choose and would like to politely say that I don't think I will make the same choice. I do enjoy life. In fact, life is beautiful. And to me, acknowledging that my Creator made beautiful things for MY enjoyment (yes, it is that personal for me) makes it so much sweeter.

I know you don't believe in God, but allow me this as a wish for good things...May you walk in Truth. Stay in touch, will ya?