Friday, October 13, 2006

What region are you from?

This is one of my favorite jokes to tell people who aren't familiar with Southern colloqialisms. Can you read this?

MR Ducks
MR Not
CM Wangs
MR Ducks

If you can read this, you are from the South.

What about this:
Do you know what PSDS are or pocked cah is?
If you do, then you are probably from Boston.

I have heard a few others, but would like to hear from you. What are some of the phonectically spelled sayings from your neck of the woods?

Oh, and in case you DIDN't know, the defined versions of the above are:

Them are ducks. MR Ducks
Them are not. MR Not
Oh yes they are. OSAR
See them Wings? CM WAngs
Well, I'll be. LIB
Them ARE ducks. MR Ducks

Peirced Ears (PSDS) and Parked Car (Pocked Cah)