Saturday, January 13, 2007

My blog was a year old this week!

And I have been wondering what to write since I have been away from it for a couple of months. But I just recieved some beautiful news that I just have to share!

Last summer, my e-mail box seemed to have become "spammer's heaven" in that I recieved, on a daily basis, many e-mails with the "I am from a foreign country and need to hide money from the government so give me your account number" scam. I had gotten to the point where I barely looked at them before hitting "delete". There was this one that came, that caught my eye and I just happened to NOT delete it. While this man said he was from a foreign country, he did not say anything about money. I didn't answer right away, in fact, I wasn't going to. But something about that e-mail stayed with me. I read and re-read that e-mail trying to find where the catch was. I just couldn't find it. It sounded like an honest request for friendship from a brother in the Congo. Being ever skeptical, I posted this in a not-so-veiled attempt to speak in a code that would reveal little, yet seek out the sincerity. ( I would make a terrible secret agent!) I didn't want to be rude, but I had literally been inundated with the spam e-mails and wanted to be careful. I was open with my husband about it all since at that time there was the case of the woman near here who killed her youth-pastor husband after having succumbed to those same kinds of scams and gotten caught. (still not sure I understand why she had to kill him, but...???) I certainly didn't want to respond outside of my husband's council, but he didn't seem to have any misgivings either.

I never expected to recieve a reply to that post, but sure enough...the rest is history. Jean Luc Key and I have been e-mailing back and forth ever since. He has proved to be a friend and, oh, such a blessing. We have swapped pictures back and forth of our families and have held each other up in prayer for everything from bus fees for his daughter to go to school, to a crotchety old van that we needed to survive a long trip. During this time, his wife has been carrying his fourth child.

I got an e-mail from him just a few minutes ago that the baby was born yesterday, and they named her after me! Can you believe it! I was so thrilled and honored! My husband was with me as I read it and he and I both laughed for "Joy" and, well...I also shed tears, of course.

So it is with great honor and thankfulness to God-only He could have been the arranger of our meeting-that I announce the birth of JOY-LOÏS KAJ A KEY on Jan. 12th, 2007! Now I just have to learn to pronounce her name:-) Praise the Lord! I am so blessed by this.