Thursday, January 18, 2007

Urgent prayer request

I wrote here, the other day, about my namesake, JOY-LOÏS KAJ A KEY born on January 12. She has come down with paludism or malaria. She has been very sick. Please pray for her and her family's ability to pay the hospital bills.

Here is the e-mail I recieved from her father yesterday.

"Let us return glory to God in any thing like us says his word.
How are you my sister?
About us, we are little well. My wife left maternity since Monday, but arrived the night the child had cried too much, and the morning, Tuesday we led her to the hospital (at the maternity), the temperature was of 39.50°c. After the care and the regulation of drugs by the doctor, we returned to the house, but the night again, the child always cried, and this morning, we decided to go in a great medical center of our town, and since 10h of the morning, she is hospitalized and was perfused. She has the paludism, because her mother suffered from it when she was pregnant.
Request for us beloved so that God can give us what it is necessary for us for the care, and that He promptly grants the cure to my beloved daughter and your namesake which I live to suffer while they bored the skin with a needle by the nurses who sought the nerves.
That my God blesses you sister, but let us has the faith, because God likes our good!
I return to the hospital, I left there to seek the money to pay. And I have some to benefit from it to write this mail to you.
I know that this news hurts you, but I exhort you to request for us, and God will listen to us. I will regularly keep you of the evolution at the hospital.

Yours Faithfully,
Jean-Luc KEY"