Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is more of a Megan story-but with Russell in it

*Before I start this one, I want to officially post that Baby Joy is home and doing well. Thank you to those who prayed for her. Continue to keep the family in your prayers as the bills come due. Not sure what hospitals cost in the Congo, but they sure pack a wallop to the wallet here in the U.S.*

During those years, my husband was going to school and working a full time job in the evenings. Megan (almost 5), Russell (almost 2), and I spent alot of time home alone. I didn't mind. I loved the little house we lived in. It was an older home with a closet turned into a bath. So tiny, yet cozy, comfortable, and, with good neighbors nearby, it felt safe.

It was one of those evenings when my husband was at work. I was getting the kids ready for bed after supper. Megan having just had her bath and in fresh pajamas, was playing in the hallway next to the bathroom as I gave Russell his bath. Since I had a toddler in the tub and didn't want to leave him, I asked Megan to answer the phone when it rang.

Just a minute or two later she came back and resumed her playing like nothing had happened. I asked her about the call.

Now my son, Russell, is named after his dad. He is a "second". My husband, however, went by his middle name to everyone who knew him. All of his school and financial records have him listed as Russell. In his classes, they would call roll and use Russell. He used Russell on all his papers. Being an adult in a class with kids fresh out of high school, there wasn't alot of chuminess going on between him and his classmates. They all knew him as Russell.

So the conversation on the phone went something like this:


Classmate who missed the homework assignment and was calling to see if my husband had it-"May I speak to Russell?"

Megan-"Mommy's giving him a bath right now."