Friday, March 9, 2007

A warm life lesson.

It got into the upper 70's today! Oh how wonderful that felt! We went on a field trip this morning and I drove home with the windows down in our van. I looked horrible when we got home, but it felt SOOOOO good!

This time of year tends to bring back a bit of the rebel in me. The memories that the smells, sounds and warm air tend to bring to mind are of a wilder less inhibited time in my life. One of the tamer of those memories are of skipping college classes to go to the lake to lay out. Part of me feels a bit of that youthful exhuberance, and part of me misses youth terribly.

The life lesson I have from that time of my life is a surprising one. I try to pass it to my kids with an urgency because youth is so short lived. This is it:

Life is too short to be too serious, but life is also too short to have regrets. So take the time to have fun while you are young, but make sure it is the kind of fun you can live with later on.