Saturday, May 27, 2006

My baby is not a baby anymore.

The day has been so busy.
We haven't had time to even talk.
You step into the whirlwind,
and for me time suddenly stops.

For a moment I see clearly,
though around me time still flies.
But the world becomes just you and I,
as I see you with new eyes.

You were just a little girl.
I thought you were anyway.
What happened to the time?
Has memory begun to fade?

Now before me stands a woman,
and my heart feels a sudden pain.
My time with you is passing.
The world is yours to gain.

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Graceful, beautiful, young woman of God,
growing in faith and love.
You were my blessing, my joy-
a wonderful gift from above.

Where is the little girl,
with big grins and tiny curls,
the little ray of sunshine,
that lit up my world?

You don't even know I am watching you.
You don't see my eyes fill with tears.
With bittersweet understanding,
I hold this moment dear.

I couldn't be prouder, you are so beautiful.
But what makes my heart leap,
is the strength I see inside-
the tender promise that you keep.
©2006 Joy Meade