Friday, May 19, 2006

My kids got their start on Music Row!-Literally!

This is yet another brag on my kids. Thank you for indulging me. Three of them have been taking music lessons and last night was their recital. The recital was at Christopher's Pizza on Music Row in Nashville. How many musicians can say they debuted on Music Row?

I think nerves got a hold of them because at one point they looked lost, but they did great otherwise. They picked a really hard song to play for the amount of time they have been playing, but Russell really wanted to play a Gary Allen song. They pushed themselves and it payed off.

Ryan (playing the mandolin) has only had FOUR lessons! He really impressed everyone. I think he has found his niche. He has never been one to stick to anything so we eased him into this. He learned an entire song after just one lesson! He plays CONSTANTLY! By the second lesson, we were begging the teacher to teach him a new song.

Personally, I think they are all prodigies. :-) Posted by Picasa