Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Never let it be said that my family does not have fun together. We all dreaded this trip. We had to go to Granny's 90th birthday party. Not that we don't believe she is worth it or that 90 is not a 'super" special milestone (pardon the pun). But it is an 8 hour round trip and we had to make it in a day. And a 90th birthday party can be very uninteresting to those who are 70-80 years younger, so I was sure the trip would be full of whining and complaining.

My husband and I had been through the area so many times we had forgotten about the Metropolis, IL Superman. We had never been there ourselves thinking it was kinda hokey and had never even thought to take the kids there.

When we stopped at a rest stop there, the kids saw the Superman sign and went "Superman statue????" So we decided to stop there on our way back. See, they have really gotten into the show Smallville (owning 4 seasons on DVD and Thursday nights being something akin to sacred for the regular showing, not to mention all the times it's on in syndication. Now they are all caught up in the Superman Returns hype too. So this, while we have passed by this little town hundreds of times, without even blinking, suddenly held their curiosity. We were only there for 30 minutes and had so much fun with these pictures that the kids deemed the trip "worth it" and Hubby and I considered it a success.You can see which of my family REALLY gets into the Superman thing.

This is all of them minus my oldest who had to work that day. Look at those poses!

My two youngest girls and I. We were supposed to do Charlie's Angels poses, but they flaked on me at the last minute.

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Even the Clark Kent character behind them thought they had gender issues!