Friday, June 2, 2006


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Way of the Master is about witnessing. You may have seen it on Christian television, it's the one with Kirk Cameron in it. They have an awesome way of taking the terror out of approaching people with the Gospel and showing you what to do in many different situations. This million dollar bill thing is a gospel tract on one side. It is OBVIOUSLY not real nor trying to look real. It is simply an attention getting tool. When I got this email today, I just sat there staring at my computer screen in disbelief. I don't, nor will I, usually get political in this blog accept to say that I am a conservative (I can't even bring myself to claim the R party right now because I am so frustrated with them) because I am a bit opinionated in that arena and I find it's better to just keep my mouth shut and my fingers still when it comes to politics. But this takes the cake. I have to ask...Doesn't our government have anything better to do????

June 2, 2006

Million Dollar bill tractsMillions Confiscated

Today (Friday, June 2nd) the Secret Service seized a large supply of our Million Dollar Bill tracts from The Great News Network in Texas. They told them that someone in North Carolina tried to deposit one in their bank, and that if they didn't give up their supply, they would arrest them. Then they said they are going to seize our supply in California. If you want Million Dollar bill tracts, you had better order them pronto.