Thursday, June 1, 2006

My hard drive...?

It has just come to my attention that my hard drive is alot like my desk. I went to look for something I had written in the past and realized that I don't know where I put it.

Like the huge piles of paper all over my desk, my hard drive has pictures, junk mail, bills, papers, you-name-it, it's in there. I know I put it there cause I put EVERYthing there. I just don't know how deep or which stack it's in. Instead of not remembering what it looks like-like I have to do with things on my desk-I don't remember the name I gave it. I really should clean it all up, but where my desk (due to the fact that I do clean it up ever so often) has only months of buildup on it, my computer has YEARS of stuff. Where do I begin.........(overwhelmed sigh).