Monday, June 5, 2006

Poetry makes me have to think.

Is it a product of the times that life seems so complicated?
Did God really mean for us to be so confused about how we should be?
Sequestered and safe or service to the lost inundated.
I feel a deep call to holiness is for mine and me.
Yet also to reach out to the lost and love them unabated.
God has been telling me that this is how things should be.
The church for so long has turned it's back on anyone to it unrelated.
It seems to have developed a country club mentality.
Is it pride I feel when I sense these things, then when faced with it feel jaded?
Is it simply that I felt different and am now lumped as a pharisee?
I just can't resolve that this shouldn't be debated.
Both a commitment to the lost as well as believers' ministry.
Must I really only to one be dedicated?
Far from God, those are the hardest to see
brought to the kingdom, emancipated.
But Christians too, often in bondage, needing to be free,
need care, growth, encouragement, this should not be negated
shouldn't I protect my children to some degree?
The influence others have is underrated.
Is there no way for both to be?
I just can't bring myself to find the two unrelated.